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Regardless of where you are, it’s common to find local advantage awareness. New Mexico is no exception. The reasons for buying local when possible are numerous and varied. The founders of Southwest Labs were keenly aware that providing physicians with a local choice for clinical drug testing was much needed. And their understanding of that need for a local resource was well-informed, as they spent over a decade representing similar services from out-of-state providers and knew intimately of the shortcomings of these national labs.

Personal Attention and Extraordinary Service

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and the formation of Southwest Labs to be able to serve local physicians and their practices in a significantly elevated manner is a prime example of that adage. You may think your current drug testing lab is adequate for your needs, but we are confident that you once to begin to rely on SWL, you’ll never go back.

Comprehensive Support of your Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

There are many aspects of setting up, improving, and administering a patient monitoring program. While national labs are more concerned with commodity service of collecting, testing, and returning the results of your samples, Southwest Labs was created to provide holistic support of your monitoring program. We are committed to keeping current on best practices, as well as changing regulations and requirements. Although leading-edge drug testing is the center of our enterprise, we remain committed to serving New Mexico physicians and staff in all aspects of physician-based patient monitoring programs. Please refer to Physician Services and Support on this website for additional information.

Giving Back: Taking Action in the Solution to Drug Abuse and Overdose Death in New Mexico.

It may be somewhat cliché to say we care about our community and our state. But it’s the absolute truth. Southwest Labs, as a first step in combating drug abuse in New Mexico, donates 5% of its profits to local organizations fighting this epidemic. SWL believes that if you can’t be part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Additionally, we participate in multiple organizational and educational programs that are designed and dedicated to reducing drug abuse and overdose death in New Mexico. By actively supporting physician PDMP’s and working in partnership to enhance and improve their practices in this regard, we are working for this problem trend to reverse in our home state.

Economic Impact: Keeping it Local is Keeping it Real.

Many communities have “buy local” programs. Why? Because the economic impact of keeping dollars in-state is really significant. Since the New Mexico economy is already fragile, keeping dollars circulating in New Mexico is especially important and has a multiplier effect. Consider that when you spend a dollar at a locally-owned business, most of that dollar will remain working within our community. The direct effect puts money right back into the local economic bloodstream – as businesses pay local employees, buy local supplies, products and services, and pay local taxes. The indirect effect is huge as well, since every dollar that goes directly to employees and other local businesses will be spent and recirculate through the local economic stream. Finally, induced impact occurs when those employees and the employees of those other businesses spend their money and keep it flowing inside the community. Suffice to say, that by choosing to use Southwest Labs, you are doing part in keeping our local economy healthy and local folks employed, in contrast to using out-of-state labs where dollars go directly out of our local economy never to return.